Raised Fist

Symbol of Black Lives Matter, the Communist Party of Germany, anti-fascism, solidarity, and support, as well as anti-racism.

A political cartoon by the Industrial Workers of the World in 1917 featured one of the early uses of a fist as a symbol. Solidarity was symbolized by the raised fist. The raised fist was first adopted by the Communist Party of Germany in 1924 to symbolize resistance to the Nazi Party of Germany. The salute was employed by the Republican faction in the Spanish Civil War to indicate anti-fascism. The raised fist symbol was employed by the Black Power Movement in the 1960s to protest oppression and racial injustice. In the 1960s, women combined the raised fist emblem with the Venus symbol to create a feminist symbol. The raised fist was one of the principal emblems of Irish Republicans who resisted British rule. The acquittal of Trevon Martin’s killer sparked the formation of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2013. The raised fist represents the movement. The raised fist is a sign of the black community’s opposition to violence. It’s been used in protests across the country in response to police violence against black people.

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