Egyptian Knife

The knife was a symbol of protection and might in ancient Egypt. The ancient flint knife – des – was the preferred ritual knife. Knives regularly figure in depictions of the Egyptian afterlife. They aid in the slaying of the deceased’s adversaries and the smooth transit through the afterlife. Knife-wielding deities, such as Bes and … Read more


In Ancient Egypt, the scarab was a protective sign. The scarab, or dung beetle, was said to have been resurrected. The dung beetle would roll a dung ball that would carry its offspring. Ancient Egyptians believed the beetle was miraculously created when the larvae broke forth from the dung ball. The scarab was worn as … Read more

Inanna’s knot

The ancient Mesopotamian goddess Inanna’s knot is a sign of her. The knot was one of Inanna’s symbols, and she was known as the Queen of Heaven. On the top of the staff, Inanna’s knot was shown as a reed knot. She was the goddess of battle and sensuality, as well as other things. The … Read more


Native Americans use the turtle as a potent protection symbol. It has a variety of meanings among different tribes, yet it is always regarded as a protecting element. The turtle is a symbol of mother earth and long life. The turtle was supposed to have played a role in the world’s creation. The turtle is … Read more


The triquetra sign can be traced back to Celtic pagan culture. It represents the triple goddess, as well as the Holy Trinity in Christianity. It’s a protective rune. It’s also a sign of Odin, the Norse god. This is a powerful protective symbol that can be engraved on or converted into a protective amulet or … Read more


The Hamsa is a potent protective emblem from the Middle East. It is a protective symbol against negative energy when worn with the fingers pointing up. The open palm is a symbol of protection in and of itself. Tanit, the Phoenician deity, is represented by the Hamsa sign. Tanit is seen in photographs with one … Read more

Eye of Horus

The Ancient Egyptians employed the Eye of Horus as a symbol. Isis had a son named Horus. After the goddess Isis’ spouse Osiris was slain by Set, he was conceived; his brother is Isis. Horus and Isis fled with Horus, and Horus later battled Set for Egypt’s fate. Horus lost an eye in one of … Read more