The Baphomet, a demonic deity represented as a man with goat’s legs and a horned head, is Satan’s representative. The Goat of Mendes, The Black Goat, and The Judas Goats are some of its other titles. Baphomet is draped over the altar on the West wall for ceremonial purposes.

All-seeing Eye

The All-seeing Eye is a Masonic emblem that is viewed as Lucifer’s eye and is used in divination and magic for casting spells, curses, and psychic control. It is thought that whomever has control of it has influence over the world’s money.

Cross of Nero

Though the Cross of Nero became known as a peace symbol in the 1960s, it began as a mockery of the Christian Cross and a symbol of Christianity’s failure. The sign depicts a circle containing an inverted Cross with its anchor shattered, denoting Nero’s idea that world peace might be achieved without Christianity. The Dead … Read more


The hexagram is one of the most ancient symbols utilized in ceremonial magic and occult activities around the world. It is made up of two overlapping triangles, one of which is inverted, and is fashioned like a six-pointed star. The hexagram is a symbol for the divine union of the male and female, as well … Read more

Inverted Pentagram

It is connected with Satanism, dark magic, Masonry, and Wiccans when the five-pointed star is inverted to display two points above. Its downward pointing symbolizes earthy pleasure. The inverted pentagram represents evil and a disregard for established spiritual beliefs. The emblem is used to summon demonic spirits in occult rituals and witchcraft.


Symbol of inexhaustible life. The gods are frequently depicted holding an ankh to someone’s lips, which is thought to be a gift of “The Breath of Life.” You’ll need this breath in the hereafter.The Ankh appears frequently in Egyptian tomb paintings and other art, commonly at the fingertips of a god or goddess in pictures … Read more