A woman sign encircled by a circle is another Native American pictograph for conveying the concept of motherhood. The circle has used as the foundation for a variety of symbols. It signifies the everlasting circle of life and the all-encompassing world because it has no beginning or end, no breaks or holds. The circle, when … Read more

Yellow Cactus Flower

The cactus plant, particularly the golden cactus blossom, is a mother emblem in Native American tribes and expresses unconditional maternal love. The cactus flower is associated with endurance in floral symbolism since the plant can withstand the weather and survive in extremely hot and arid situations. A mother’s supreme patience is symbolized by a yellow … Read more

The Celtic Motherhood Knot

The Celtic Motherhood Knot sign, also known as the Celtic Mother’s Knot, depicts two hearts that are continually entwined in a knot with no gaps between the lines. It depicts a parent and child in a loving embrace, with one heart lower than the other. Dots can be placed anywhere inside or outside the knot … Read more


The turtle is credited in many Native American folk stories with preserving humanity from the Great Flood. It has come to symbolise Maka, the immortal Earth Mother who gently bears the weight of humanity on her back. The underside of many turtle species is divided into thirteen pieces. The turtle is related with the lunar … Read more


This sign can be found all over the world. The three overlapping spirals and the three human legs spiraling out symmetrically from a common center are the most common incarnations that exist across numerous cultures and generations. The three number sevens, or any figure made up of three-pronged protrusions, are similar formations. It is most … Read more

Triple Goddess

The Triple Goddess is symbolized by a full moon with a waxing crescent to its left and a declining crescent to its right. This is the second most common symbol in Neopagan and Wiccan culture, behind the pentagram. Neopaganism and Wicca are 20th-century incarnations of an old form of nature worship.They’re also known as earth … Read more


The Hopi symbol for mother and child is the Tapuat, or labyrinth. The cradle, as it is often known, represents the place from where we all came and will return. The lines that serve as our umbilical tie to our Mother’s ever-watchful and protective eyes signify the stages of our existence in general. The amniotic … Read more

Lakshmi Yantra

The Sanskrit word yantra means “instrument” or “symbol.” Lakshmi, the Mother of All Kindnesses, is a Hindu Goddess. She is a peaceful, welcoming mother figure who intercedes for her worshippers before Vishnu, one of Hinduism’s Supreme Gods, along with Brahman and Shiva. Lakshmi is considered the Mother of the Universe since she is the consort … Read more

Crow Mother

Angwusnasomtaka, the Crow Mother, is a nurturing and loving mother. She is regarded as the mother of all kachinas, and as such is held in high regard by all. She appears during the winter and summer solstices, carrying a basket full of sprouts to represent life’s new beginnings and a bountiful harvest. She often appears … Read more

The Chalice

The Cup is another name for this symbol. The cup represents water, which is a feminine element in Paganism. The cup is thought to be a symbol of the Goddess of the Womb and the female reproductive function in general since it resembles a woman’s womb. It is a universal sign for fertility, a woman’s … Read more