Because it performs best when paired with another metal, such as lead, brass, or bronze, antimony is known as a cooperative metal. It’s actually a metalloid that has a metal-like look and physical properties but doesn’t react chemically like a metal. It is a protective metal that teaches the qualities of flexibility and transformation. It … Read more


Silver is a real metal with a lunar connection. It is one of the three base metals in Alchemy and one of the most versatile metals. It’s linked to intuition, self-reflection, and inner wisdom as philosophical attributes. It is a feminine metal that is associated with goddesses and spirits and is a symbol of purity. … Read more


Venus is the planet that governs copper. Copper metallurgy has prospered in a variety of cultures, including the Middle Eastern, Asian, European, Central and South American, and Native American societies. Copper represents women’s nurturing qualities as well as their youth. It is linked to love and lust and represents qualities such as charisma, feminine beauty, … Read more


Mercury is a unique metal that exists in liquid form at ambient temperature and is associated with the planet of the same name. It’s a poisonous metal that’s linked to death, mystery, and transformation. It’s linked to scrying and divination. Mercury is also associated with physical and spiritual travel and movement. Ancient Romans, Greeks, Hindus, … Read more


The Sun is the celestial body that Gold represents. Ancient Egyptians, Irish, Romans, Asians, Africans, and Central Americans all prized the metal. It was thought to symbolize perfection and purity. Gold was frequently utilized as sacrifices to the gods, as well as for ceremonial purposes and to decorate the chieftains’ courts. This metal has long … Read more


Iron is one of the most abundant elements in the universe, and Mars is its dominant planet. Asian, African, and European civilizations all made extensive use of the metal. Iron represents male energy and is associated with physical strength, aggression, growth, reliance, and protection. Lust, confidence, courage, strength, stamina, and resilience are some of the … Read more


Jupiter is represented by tin. It is thought to be the metal of sages and scholars since it embodies wisdom, reasoning, education, maturity, and knowledge. It’s linked to mindfulness, equilibrium, and a philosophical outlook on life. This metal is also associated with wealth and prosperity. Tin’s prominence may be traced back to the Bronze Age, … Read more


Lead, which is ruled by Saturn, has ominous associations and is linked to death and metamorphosis. This poisonous metal signifies impurities in metals as well as persons, and its burning is a metaphor for purification and eradication of flaws. It was linked to spells of divination. Lead was one of the first metals discovered by … Read more