Menat (Menit, Menyat)

The Menat is Goddess Hathor’s emblem. It is also known as Menyat or Menit. It was a ceremonial object, a beaded wide collar or necklace with a crescent-shaped front piece and a heavy counterpoise at the back to keep it in place. Life, fertility, potency, birth, rejuvenation, and joy are all said to be associated with the Menat.

The Menat is a symbol of femininity in the Egyptian culture.

Picture showing Goddess Hathor wearing a menat.

The Goddess Hathor, also known as the ‘Great Menat,’ was said to employ the Menat as a conduit through which she could convey her power. At official ceremonies, Hathor’s priests and priestesses are frequently seen holding or wearing the Menat.

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