This ancient Mayan emblem represents the Earth Keeper, who sanctifies the Earth and reveres all living things on it. This Earth sign represents mobility, transition, and synchronicity, reminding everyone of the bigger forces at work behind all creation. It encourages people to be patient, vigilant, and adaptable. It also represents destiny’s synergistic working, which pulls … Read more


In Mayan mythology, the Jaguar is the god of the underworld and represents darkness and the night sun. It is a symbol of leadership, power, and confidence because it controls over the heavenly forces of day and night. The Jaguar is a sign of strength, ferocity, power, and valor, as well as being the personification … Read more


Focus, mental sharpness, introspective thought, sharp awareness, foresight, strong judgment, effective communication, and inspiration are all represented by the Eagle. It is thought that focusing on it can help one think more clearly, have access to inner wisdom, and motivate action that will lead to greater success in life. The Eagle, as the sky’s king, … Read more