Maman Brigitte

Symbol of death, healing, judgment, and fertility.

Maman Brigitte is both a death and a life spirit. She will either guide a person to death or bring them back to life when it is time for them to die. She is frequently represented by a black rooster, which represents the sunrise and rebirth. She assists the dead by caring for and protecting them. Maman Brigitte like rum with hot peppers and has a bad mouth, but she is regal in her demeanor. Maman Brigitte is the wife of Baron Samedi and the caretaker of gravesites. She enjoys partying and having a good time, yet she will come to the aid of the dead if required. Maman Brigitte is a goddess of fertility, divine justice, and healing. She is a gifted healer who works with victims of domestic violence and abuse. She is linked to Saint Brigid, who was born into a pagan family. Brigid was a fertility goddess.

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