Green Man

Symbol of virility, life cycle, and fertilization. The Green Man is a time-honored emblem that has evolved over the years. A man’s face peering out of a dense knot of leaves or vines is the most typical representation of the emblem. The three most common forms of Green Man are the Bloodsucker Head, which has … Read more


Symbol of fertility, regenerative energy, and creation. Shiva, one of Hinduism’s most important deities, is symbolized by lingams. He is referred to as the Destroyer. Shiva is a representation of nature’s divine regenerating vitality. The lingam is a phallic-like emblem representing nature’s prolific and creative principle.


Symbol of strength, leadership, masculine vigor, virility, and command. A male sheep is referred to as a ram. In the Zodiac, the Ram represents leadership and authority, as well as male vitality, ardor, and tremendous force. The ram was associated with Amun, a fertility god from ancient Greece. He was shown with the head of … Read more


Symbol of protection, king A stag deer is a male deer. He is the forest’s king, and he guards the other deer. Cernunnos, the Horned God, is symbolized by stags. In Hittite culture, the stag is regarded as a protective deity. In Hungary, a multi-antlered deer represents the stag that guided the Magyar people to … Read more


Powerful and protective symbol. Jupiter was regarded as the god of the skies. In ancient Rome, he was one of the most important gods. He was in charge of the sky, while his brothers Neptune and Pluto were in charge of the sea and the underworld, respectively. In ancient Rome, Jupiter was the best and … Read more

The Mars Symbol

In today’s society, the Mars sign is the most common male emblem. It’s a circle with a northeast-pointing arrow. Iron is also represented by this symbol. In ancient Rome, Mars was the god of battle, and the planet Mars is a blazing red ball linked with passion.


The trident is a sign of Neptune, the god of the sea. It’s a three-pronged weapon with a considerable length. During the fight with the Titans, the Cyclops gave Neptune a trident. Neptune’s trident represents his might and rage. Like the water, he has an unpredictable character. Neptune can be serene one minute and ferocious … Read more


On top of a long staff, the Was emblem had a stylized animal head, commonly a dog or fox. Seth and Anubis, the deity of death, were linked by this scepter. Priests, pharaohs, and gods all wield scepters. The deceased were the result of the Was scepter’s work.

Crook and flail

The god Osiris is represented by the crook and flail. He was regarded as one of the most powerful gods. He was a fertility god and a god of the underworld. Seth assassinated Osiris. Before Osiris became the god of the underworld, Iris, Osiris’ wife, reassembled him and was able to become pregnant with Horus. … Read more

The Eye of Horus

A stylised left eye with a triangle, or teardrop, below the iris and a swirl beneath the eye is the Eye of Horus symbol. Horus, the Egyptian god, gave us this sign. The solar god Ra was represented by his right eye. Horus also had a falcon as a symbol. The Eye of Horus is … Read more