Powerful and protective symbol. Jupiter was regarded as the god of the skies. In ancient Rome, he was one of the most important gods. He was in charge of the sky, while his brothers Neptune and Pluto were in charge of the sea and the underworld, respectively. In ancient Rome, Jupiter was the best and … Read more

Claddagh Symbol

The Claddagh is an Irish symbol for love. The Claddagh emblem has three parts: a crown that denotes loyalty, a heart that depicts love, and two hands that represent friendship. Pendants, rings, earrings, and charms with the Claddagh sign are common in Celtic jewelry. The Claddagh ring is a traditional jewelry piece that is usually … Read more


The Shell represents the protective part of love, with its hard covering inside which it safeguards life in the form of pearls. In different cultures, it has had slightly different symbolism. The Romans saw seashells as symbols of renewal. Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love and Fertility, is sometimes represented rising from a scallop shell … Read more


The apple had an important role in love and marital ceremonies and customs in early Greek history. An apple might have been shared by a happy couple in the seventh century B.C. as a sign of their marriage and wishes for a fruitful partnership.

Maple Leaf

The Maple Leaf is a well-known symbol of love in China and Japan. To ward off devils and increase sexual pleasure as well as quiet sleep, North American immigrants used to place maple leaves at the foot of their beds. The stork can also be seen weaving maple branches into nests in the North American … Read more

Hands Symbol

Clasped hands were symbols of goodwill between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s kingdoms of Germany and England. When a guy proposed to a woman years ago, he asked for her hand in marriage. The hand was thereafter used as a symbol of love and marriage.


Cupid is the deity of desire, tenderness, and sensual love in Roman mythology. He is the deity Mars’s son and the goddess Venus’s son. Cupid is usually depicted shooting his bow to encourage romantic love in popular culture, and is frequently used as a symbol of Valentine’s Day. In today’s culture, he has become the … Read more