Lotus Flower

The lovely Lotus Flower symbol has long been associated with ancient Egyptian religion as well as profound Buddhist teachings. For example, it was important in the original creation tale that started in Heliopolis. Before the universe was founded, there was thought to be infinite stagnant water, which gave rise to the creature known as Nun. Nun gave birth to a lotus flower and a heap of dry earth. The sun god Atum (or Ra) arose when the lotus flower opened. Every night, he would return to the folds of the lotus flower.

The Lotus flower’s unique features have made it an appropriate symbol for rebirth, creation, and separation (in the Buddhist sense). This flower emerges from the murky depths of the sea and opens its exquisite pink or white petals during the day, then closes them at night, only to reappear at dawn.

In Buddhism, the Lotus blossom has come to symbolize the religion’s entire essence. This flower is considered to represent the pure spirit of man, which aspires to soar above the muddiness of the world, because it is the only one of its kind that climbs roughly 12 inches above the water. It is also thought that Buddha’s teachings enable for the development of virtues within man, causing him to open up like the petals of a Lotus flower.

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