Lotus Flower

Spiritual enlightenment, rebirth, the universe, prosperity, and fertility are all represented by this symbol.

In Buddhist, Hindu, and Egyptian traditions, the lotus blossom is a symbol. In the muck of rivers and ponds, the lotus flower blooms. It’s a lovely flower that closes at night and reopens in the morning, fresh and clean. This is why it is seen as a rebirth emblem. In Buddhism, rebirth is also linked to enlightenment. The Buddha is depicted as seated on a lotus flower. This is due to the numerous times he had to be reborn before attaining enlightenment. The lotus blossom was also seen as a sign of rebirth by the Egyptians. Tutakahaman’s entire body was covered in lotus blossoms. The Egyptians believed that a lotus blossom birthed the sun god from the primordial sea. The lotus is a Hindu symbol for prosperity, beauty, spirituality, and fertility. Brahma, the creator god, emerged from the navel of Lord Vishnu, the preserver god, as a lotus.

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