Lantern Festival

Symbol of good health, good weather, luck, happiness, harmony

On the fifteenth day of the Chinese New Year holiday, or the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the Lantern Festival is held. Only emperors and noblemen carried lanterns in the streets when the Lantern Festival originally began. They were pleading with Tayji, the God of Heaven, to bless their people with good health and weather. After seeing Buddhist monks light lanterns and candles on that day, Emperor Ming ordered everyone to do the same. They were rejoicing in the waning days of winter. People would accompany their daughters on their lantern walks in the hopes of finding love. Tangyuan is consumed at the Lantern Festival to bring good fortune, happiness, and harmony to the coming year. The lantern festival includes dragon dances, lion dances, stilt walking, and riddle solving. Children examine the lanterns that contain riddles and attempt to solve them. They will earn a modest gift from the person who created the question if they respond correctly.

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