The Star and Crescent

The star and crescent is actually Islam’s most well-known symbol. It adorns the tops of Muslim mosques and is widely featured as a main part of many Islamic flags, such as Turkey’s and Pakistan’s national flags. Many scholars argue that this sign originated in the Ottoman Empire and is not at all Islamic in origin. … Read more

Rub el Hizb

Rub el Hizb is a well-known character who has become linked with the Islamic faith. It’s a sign made up of two overlapping squares, one of which is flipped 90 degrees to form an eight-pointed star. In the center of both squares, there is also a circle. The Arabic word ‘Rub’ means a quarter or … Read more


Despite the restriction, symbolism was incorporated into many aspects of Islam. Symbols are employed to demonstrate a connection to Islamic ideas and customs. “Those who inhabit paradise will wear magnificent silk clothes of green,” according to the Quran (Surah 18:31). As a result of how this scripture has been understood over the centuries, the color … Read more