Imbolc Festival

Symbol of purification, rebirth.

Pagans hold festivals based on the Wheel of Life. Imbolc is one of the first festivals of the year. This festival runs from February 1 through February 2 at sundown. The ewe’s milk would arrive around this time. The mild was utilized as a symbol of purity and regeneration during the celebration. The celebration was held in honor of Brigid, the goddess of the sea. Brigid was a goddess who was associated with fertility, poetry, prophesy, and crafts. Dagda, one of the ancient gods, was her father. The festival began with the creation of a Brigid effigy made of rushes and oats. The effigy was clothed and placed in a basket. Bonfires and lanterns were lit in honor of Brigid on the second day. People would visit wells and other sacred sites while carrying their effigies and straw lads from house to house.

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