Helm of Awe

Symbol of strength, victory, defense, and bravery.

The Helm of Awe is similar to the Vegvisir in appearance, with the exception that all of its staves are identical. On the battlefield, the Vikings used it as a magical emblem of bravery and protection. It is seen as a powerful emblem capable of bringing victory to people who wear it. It is made up of runes that represent victory and ice. This symbolizes the hardening of the soul in preparation for combat. The dragon Fafnir is fabled to have felt invincible while wearing the Helm of Awe in combat.

Warriors wore the insignia, which was painted on their foreheads between their brows like a third eye. The power of the Helm of Awe is concentrated in the pineal glands. The warrior who wore it was thought to be protected physically, spiritually, and mentally. It aids a warrior in overcoming their own fear and posing a menace to their foes.

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