Abracadabra is an old alchemical sign that was utilized for treating terminal ailments and boosting healing. It is a frequent incantation used in magical tricks. It was written on an amulet in the shape of an inverted triangle, which the patient/sufferer wore. The cabalistic charm’s potency is said to have cured the ailment. The phrase … Read more

Spiral Sun

The Sun is regarded as the first shaman, or healer of humans, in several Shamanic traditions. The Anasazi petroglyphs depict the Spiral Sun as a healing sign. The sign represents life’s inherent movements and rhythms, as well as the universe’s ceaseless motion. It symbolizes the unique healing power that is spread throughout the cosmos, assisting … Read more

Eye of Horus

A modern witchcraft symbol for wisdom, prosperity, spiritual protection, good health, and to develop clairvoyant powers, defend against thieves, and the evil eye, based on an old Egyptian symbol linked with the occult.


Wear or carry this healing symbol to protect yourself from dangers and misfortune. It also offers courage and power. Increases spiritual insight and dispels negative energy; can also be used as an anti-evil eye charm and to regulate intense desires.

Dai Ko Myo Reiki Symbol 

“Great being of the universe, shine on me, be my buddy,” is the most common interpretation of this sign. The primary essence of the awakened heart’s being is its light. This symbol stresses clairvoyance and wisdom, both of which are vital aspects of soul healing.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen – Reiki Symbol

This is the Reiki symbol, which has the ability to transfer Reiki energy through space and time. This means that the energy can move across a city, a room, or even multiple places or countries around the world. It has the ability to connect time in the past and future, regardless of distance.

Sei He Ki Reiki Symbol

The sei he ki sign is utilized for mental and emotional healing, protection, purification, clearing, and balance, among other things. This symbol represents the disease’s core, which can be found in both the subconscious mind (emotional body) and the conscious mind (the mental body). When a human body develops sickness, it is frequently attempting to … Read more

Cho Ku Rei Reiki Symbol

The Cho Ku Rei is a sign of strength. Reiki energy will flow even if you don’t use it; nevertheless, it is believed that when you do, the energy inside of you will considerably rise. It’s the equivalent of upgrading a lamp’s bulb from 50 to 500 watts. This symbol can be used at the … Read more