Green Ribbon Symbol

Agricultural symbol and activist

The Ribbon Group was a secret Irish Catholic society founded by underprivileged Catholics. They were founded in opposition to the Protestant Orange Order, which was established to combat Catholicism. Ribbonmen was the name given to members of the Ribbon Society. They were founded in 19th century Ireland to assist poor farmers and tenant workers. From 1835 through 1855, they were active. During that time, farm landlords would simply evict farmers and tenants from their homes. They increased taxes beyond what families could afford. Members of the Ribbon Society would attack the tithe servers and the procedure. A number of clashes between the Ribbonmen and the Orange men resulted in some deaths. As a token of their membership in the group, the Ribbonmen wore a green ribbon in their lapel. Ireland’s and agriculture’s colors are green. It represents the earth and action. The Ribbon Society gathered in secret in lodges to plot and coordinate the revolting tenants and farmers. They were instrumental in establishing the Tenant’s Rights policy.

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