Ladybug The ladybug is an ubiquitous symbol of good fortune, and it has long been regarded a sign of success by cultures all over the world. It is said that if a live ladybug lands on you or if you wear a ladybug charm, you will be rid of all worries and your wishes will … Read more


A variety of societies around the world, including the Incas, Native Americans, Israelis, Greeks, and Arabs, have used the hand as a good luck symbol. Charms shaped like a human hand have long been thought to be extremely powerful heralds of good fortune. Domination, strength, protection, and spiritual power are all represented by the emblem. … Read more


Dolphins are regarded lucky by numerous societies around the world, including the Greek, Sumerian, Egyptian, and Roman cultures. The dolphin is a protective sign for Christians and Native Americans, and its picture is thought to bring good luck. The concept stems from the fact that ancient sailors who had been absent from shore for months … Read more

The Tursaansydan or Mursunsydan (“heart of the walrus”)

The Tursaansydan or Mursunsydan (“walrus heart”) is an ancient Northern European symbol. It was particularly well-liked in Lapland. It was allegedly utilized on Lappish shaman drums. The swastika is included in the emblem, which dates back to prehistoric times. The tursaansydn, which was employed as a decorative motif on wooden furniture and structures in Finland, … Read more