Ese Ne Tekrema

The Adinkra emblem of friendship, Ese Ne Tekrema, literally means “the teeth and the tongue.” Adinkra symbols are West African emblems associated with the Asante (Ghana) people of Gayaman’s kingdom. Ese Ne Tekrema is a portrayal of a tongue and teeth in graphical form. The tongue and teeth play distinct but intertwined roles. They coexist … Read more


This is a Maori twist symbol that resembles an intertwined new-growth Pikopiko fern frond found in the damp woods of New Zealand. It represents the beauty, strength, and endurance of the bond of loyal friendship between two people. It is also symbolic of the crisscrossing and inter-linked paths of life of friends. True friends share … Read more


These delicate flowers (or “Kikus,” as they are known in Japan) are given as gifts to friends. For many years, this flower has been a symbol of friendship in Japanese culture. Chrysanthemums are exchanged between close friends to symbolize virtue and their close connection. The flower signifies the growth of their relationship as it expands.

A Yellow Rose

If you only want to be friends with a female, don’t offer her a yellow rose. This hue rose represents a sincere, close bond—not the romantic sort. You can, however, present this to someone with whom you’re currently in a relationship to indicate that you wish to take your relationship to a new level, or … Read more

The Jade Plant

This succulent plant is a symbol of friendship, with little pink and white blossoms. The rich green leaves of the Jade plant are symbolic of the vitality and delight that comes with a long friendship. On her birthday or at Christmas, give your best friend a Jade plant. This plant’s sweet scent represents your relationship.

The Claddagh Symbol

Two hands hold a heart between them, with a crown on top of the heart, in this Celtic (or Irish) emblem. “With my two hands, I give you my heart, and crown it with my allegiance,” some say is an expression used to explain this gesture. Friendship, love, and loyalty are all represented by the … Read more