Luck, destiny, chance, and fortune are all represented by this symbol. TycheTyche was a goddess of fortune in Greek mythology. The wheel is her symbol. The wheel is a metaphor for the wheel of fortune, which spins and determines our fate. Tyche decided on the fate of Greek cities. She is Aphrodite’s and Zeus’s daughter. … Read more


Symbol of protection and wisdom. Athena was the goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology. An owl is her symbol. Zeus had a daughter named Athena. Athena was a weaver and a seamstress who taught others how to sew and weave. She was a teacher of agriculture and metallurgy to humans. She was the patron saint … Read more


Sexuality, motherhood, the sky, the sun, dance, and music are all represented by this symbol. Hathor was the solar deity Ra’s daughter. She was regarded as one of the most powerful goddesses. She was a representation of dance, music, the sky, the sun, motherhood, and sexuality. Her emblem is a cow’s horns with the sun … Read more


Love, fertility, and beauty are all symbols of this flower. In Norse mythology, Freya is a goddess. Odin was her husband. She is looking for excitement and pleasure. Loki accused her of having an affair with all of the gods. She is a symbol of beauty, fertility, and love. Brisingaman is Freya’s necklace. She wears … Read more


Symbol of fertility, good fortune, and assistance. Umay is the Turkish fertility goddess. The sun is her symbol. She is a strong advocate for women and children. When a child becomes ill, it is assumed that Umay has left. Shamans are summoned in to resurrect Umay. Umay, women believe, will deliver them a kid if … Read more

Spider Grandmother

Healing, wisdom, leadership, and protection are all symbols associated with this animal. A spider is encircled by a web in the Spider Grandmother sign. Native American legends mention the Spider Grandmother. Spider Grandmother appears in Hopi mythology as a spider or an elderly woman. She helps people with medical issues and gives guidance. She is … Read more


Fertility, death, and life are all represented by this symbol. Mokosh was a goddess of the Slavic people. She guarded the fate and labor of women. She is known as the Great Mother and is in charge of childbirth. Mokosh is a wanderer and a spinner. She was adored as a ruler of death and … Read more


Fertility, power, and creativity are all represented by this symbol. In Greek mythology, Gaia was the personification of the Earth. Mother Earth is the ancestor of all life on the planet. Gaia is the sky’s, Titans’, Giants’, and sea’s mother. She also bore the cyclops and other cyclopes to Bronte. Gaia then gave birth to … Read more


Symbol of sex, fertility, love, longing for beauty, and wealth. Today, the Venus symbol is widely recognized as a female emblem. A circle with a cross on the bottom is the sign. The female sex is represented by this symbol in biology and botany. Venus was a Roman goddess who was associated with sexuality, fertility, … Read more

Lotus Flower

Spiritual enlightenment, rebirth, the universe, prosperity, and fertility are all represented by this symbol. In Buddhist, Hindu, and Egyptian traditions, the lotus blossom is a symbol. In the muck of rivers and ponds, the lotus flower blooms. It’s a lovely flower that closes at night and reopens in the morning, fresh and clean. This is … Read more