Eye of Horus

The Ancient Egyptians employed the Eye of Horus as a symbol. Isis had a son named Horus. After the goddess Isis’ spouse Osiris was slain by Set, he was conceived; his brother is Isis. Horus and Isis fled with Horus, and Horus later battled Set for Egypt’s fate. Horus lost an eye in one of these confrontations. Horus retrieved his eye and exchanged it for his life with Osiris, who was not in charge of the underworld. Healing, sacrifice, restoration, and protection are all represented by the Eye of Horus. Funeral amulets in the shape of the Eye of Horus were produced to protect the dead in the afterlife. On a bracelet worn by the mummy Shoshenq II, one Eye of Horus was discovered. To aid in safe crossings and trips, sailors have painted the Eye of Horus on their boat. Today, the all-seeing eye is a potent protective emblem.

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