Strength, luck, royalty, and stability are all symbols of the Republican Party in the United States.

In the early nineteenth century, the elephant became a symbol of the Republican Party in the United States. The Republican Party coined the phrase “seeing the elephant” during the Civil War to describe acquiring experience at a cost. In one of his political cartoons from the late 1800s, a cartoonist named Nast depicted an elephant as a symbol for the Republican party. The image became iconic, and the elephant became the symbol of the Republican Party. In India, elephants were symbols of royalty. On the backs of elephants, kings and queens rode. In Laos and Cambodia, a white elephant heralds good fortune in the form of rain and plentiful harvests. Elephants are also symbols of strength and stability. Ganesha, the Hindu god of wisdom, is a Hindu deity. As an elephant, he is shown. Elephants were also supposed to be capable of carrying the entire planet on their backs in several cultures.

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