Crocodile Symbol

Powerful, death, and rebirth symbols.

The Neegee Crocodile Organization is a cannibalistic secret society in West Africa. They are predominantly found in Libya, where they have lived since the 1800s. To appease the crocodile god and obtain power, the Negee Crocodile Society consumes people. They think that consuming a person endows them with magical abilities that enable them to shift into crocodiles. The Crocodile Society gets its name from the fact that most of its members live near water. The members use a gourd and wax in their nostrils to dive underwater and knock over canoes or drag people from the edge of the water and drag them beneath the water like a crocodile would. The members sip on the flesh of the person after killing them. A person must sacrifice a family member to become a member of this organization. In the mid-2000s, it was thought that this society was still operational.

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