Solomon’s Knot

The Solomon’s Knot is a centuries-old Celtic knot emblem that is thought to signify a man’s union with the Divine. It is, in reality, one of the oldest symbols, appearing in stone-age engravings. It’s also one of the few symbols that can be found in almost all of the world’s major cultures. It was associated … Read more

Celtic Shield Knot

The Shield Knot is a protective old Celtic symbol. This knot was used to fend off bad spirits and other dangers by placing it near sick people or on battle shields. It can be fashioned in a variety of styles, but its distinguishing feature is its four different corners. Shield Knots are frequently square-shaped or … Read more

Celtic Sailor’s Knot

This knot, which is made up of two intertwined ropes, dates back to ancient times, when Celtic sailors who spent months at sea would remember their sweethearts by weaving rope souvenirs for them. The sailor’s knot represents harmony, camaraderie, affection, and profound love because it is made up of two interwoven knots. The knot represents … Read more

Celtic love knots

This is a representation of two people’s love, expressed by intertwined knots. These knots are exchanged by lovers in the same way that rings are exchanged nowadays. The simplest of all Celtic love knots is the Celtic Oval knot. The knots were first invented by the early Scottish, Welsh, and Irish Celts around 2500 BCE, … Read more

The Celtic spiral knot

It represents eternal existence in its purest form. Its origins may be traced back to 2500 BCE, when it was created by the early generations of the Celts in Britain. It has a three-sided knot that represents the natural energies of earth, water, and fire. The single continuous line represents spiritual unity and oneness. The … Read more

Trinity Knot

The triquetra knot, sometimes known as the Trinity knot, is the most well-known of these. It can be found in traditional Celtic jewelry. It is used to represent the Holy Trinity in religious works.