Budgerigar Symbol

Artists working on this emblem represent the topics from an overhead view and depicted as indentations on the ground, like in most paintings.

All of the tracks in this symbol represent experiences, ancestral voyages, or ongoing travels in the artists’ homeland.

While there are numerous icons representing every creature that lives in the Central Desert, this one represents a Budgerigar. This bird was employed by Aboriginals to guide people to various locations.

Coming into season with edible items, they followed it in their search for food and water.

The Story of A Budgerigar

The story of a Budgerigar is told through this symbol. Aborigines say this bird flies around looking for food and when it finds it, it descends to consume the insects, worms, and seeds before flying back up to look for a place to call home. The bird sees an ancient tree while flying around, but it has to look around to make sure it’s the perfect site to build a nest.

The tree does not impress the bird, so it continues its search until it finds a lovely tree with green leaves and sturdy branches. After checking, the bird constructs a nest in which to lay its eggs. The cycle continues, and when the tree dies, the budgerigar flies out in search of a new, safer home for its young.

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