Happy Human Symbol

Another common sign among atheists is the Happy Human emblem. This icon, on the other hand, is not specifically an atheist symbol and does not reflect religious skepticism. It is a symbol of secular humanism that is recognized all across the world.

Darwin Fish Symbol

The Darwin Fish is a popular Atheist emblem that is derived from the Christian symbol Ichthus (fish). It takes the Ichthus fish outline and adds legs, as well as the words “Darwin,” “Atheist,” “Science,” and “Evolve” to the body. The symbol indicates that the bearer believes in evolution, which is acknowledged by many religionists, but … Read more

Atheist Alliance International Symbol

The stylized ‘A’ made by Diane Reed for an Atheist Alliance International (AAI) contest in 2007 is another atheist emblem. AAI is a non-profit global network of atheist groups and individuals dedicated to promoting atheism and educating people about secularism and atheism. This generic atheist sign was released into the public domain and has since … Read more

Scarlet ‘A’ Symbol

Richard Dawkins, a well-known atheist author, popularized the red letter ‘A’ as an atheist emblem. He created the emblem for his ‘OUT’ campaign, which encouraged atheists to publicly proclaim their opinions and speak out against religion or religious agendas being driven into schools and governments. Dawkins did not claim ownership of the scarlet ‘A’ symbol, … Read more

Empty Set Symbol

Another atheist sign depicting a circle with a cross/line running through it is a mathematical symbol for ’empty set,’ which shows a circle with a cross/line passing through it. It exemplifies the atheist viewpoint that God’s existence is merely an idea with no substance.

Symbol of American Atheists

The open-ended atom logo chosen by the American Atheists (AA), a group founded in 1963, is one of the oldest clearly atheist symbols. The symbol is an atomic whirl with the letter ‘A’ in the center, designed to emphasize empirical thinking and scientific inquiry.The open end of the atomic symbol represents science’s inherent incompleteness, or … Read more