Simurg (also written Simurgh, Simorgh, Simoorgh, Simour, and Senvurv) is a legendary bird from ancient Persia. The scale-covered body of this eternal, huge female winged creature, with a dog’s head and foreparts, lion’s claws, and peacock’s wings and tails, is commonly described. It is sometimes represented with a human face. The Simurg was seen as … Read more

Mount Damavand

The highest point in Iran and the Middle East is this mountain. It is an active volcano that features prominently in Persian mythology and folklore. It serves as a symbol of Persian resistance to foreign occupation. Due to its hot thermal water springs, which treat skin illnesses and chronic wounds, it is said to have … Read more

The Legendary Griffins

The Griffins are well-known mythical animals who have appeared in numerous films and literary works. The Griffin is a legendary chimera or hybrid beast. These mythological creatures have the body of a lion and the wings and head of an eagle, symbolizing both animal and bird lords. They may also have horse’s ears. Griffins are … Read more

The Sun And The Lion

A lion and the sun are shown in this ancient Persian sign. The lion, like the astrological constellation Leo, represents divinity, monarchy, and the mighty lineage of the kings. The ruler of heaven is represented by the picture of the sun. This is a well-known emblem that has been used as a banner by rulers … Read more