Ako Ben

The symbol denotes a condition of alertness, attentiveness, and caution. In essence, it refers to a rapid response to a call to arms. The sign is inspired by a traditional war chief’s horn, which was adorned with slain enemies’ jawbones. It is stated that such a horn sings the chief’s praises through his opponents’ mouths.


Duafe is a stylised wooden comb that was used by Akan women to straighten or plait their hair. It represents ideal feminine characteristics. These traits include physical attributes like beauty and cleanliness, as well as abstract virtues like natural kindness, love, tenderness, attention, prudence, and circumspection.

Osrane Ne Nsoroma

Osrane signifies the moon in Adinkra symbols, and Osrane Ne Nsoroma represents the moon and the star. The sign represents the female North Star, who is patiently awaiting the return of her male lover, the Moon. Love, faithfulness, commitment, and patience are all symbols of Osrane Ne Nsoroma. It represents the harmonious relationship between man … Read more


Nyame-Nti – faith in God.Also known as Adwera – a river plant. Consecration, cleanliness, virginity, purity, and confidence in God are all represented by the sign. “The stream of life sustains via its purity,” according to an Adwera adage, a recommendation to the life of the virtuous and pious.

Nyame Nwu Na Mawu

Nyame Nwu Na Mawu – If God dies, so shall I. The symbol depicts the human soul’s immortality. The adage can be translated as “as God never dies, so my soul never dies” — the soul becomes one with God after death.

Akoko Nan

Akoko Nan – the hen’s leg. The sign is meant to represent maternal care, mercy, and nurturing. The adage “the hen steps on her chicks yet she does not kill them” refers to a parent’s protective nature for their children. A hen leg and a spur combine to make the emblem.